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About Us

ONEONE2 was started by two individuals with the simple idea that one + one = 2. 

Our studio had a goal in mind to produce items that made people smile. We strive to design and create amazing handmade products that are sure to brighten up every home. 

ONEONE2 is Whitney + Trevor. 

Whitney and Trevor met at 15. Fell in love at 21. Started a company at 24. Got married at 27. Had a baby at 29.

Whitney Liska has always had a passion for design. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design and a Green Sustainability Certificate. After graduating college, she worked for a small design firm where she learned so many prominent design skills and eventually decided to branch off on her own. 

Trevor Liska comes from strong mechanical and manufacturing background. Working at Boeing, he learned a significant amount of trade skills and assembly structure. Eventually he decided to leave choosing his mental health over the workforce stability.

We are proud to create clean, crisp, unique and modern wall decor. ONEONE2 is known for our signature neutral collection and the 3-Dimensional Laser Cut aspect adds beautiful depth to your artwork.

Our signs are guaranteed to stand out. 

Everything is created in our studio. When you purchase from our small business you are truly getting a one-of-a-kind product.

We aspire to inspire others with our brand and our vision. 

Our journey has been major part of our growth as a family and as a company.

We have gratitude for all of our amazing clients and customers who continuously support our dream.



The Liska Family